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NYC is jam-packed with progressive, inquisitive and brilliant minds. Its inhabitants are constantly exposed to diverse cultures and various lifestyles. The city is like a sponge or a fertile ground and a forum for an exchange of ideas. We are not afraid to challenge and question the norms in order to improve, develop and grow as athletes, team members and human beings.

Sure it is a crowded place but the closeness we have to each other provides an extra edge in working through our pitfalls and facing the kind of tribulations a big city like New York can deliver. We at Team OrganicAthlete achieve a certain similar synergy and harmony through our never-ending communication, sharing and understanding. But if you’re single and living in this fast and complex city it may be hard to find someone you really connect with!

Have you ever considered that most charitable events in our communities attract likeminded people? It might be a win-win proposition! You are fulfilling your aspiration to help while working with other compassionate individuals that might have more of the qualities you’re looking for! Below we will mention worthy causes that you might like to consider.
"...TIME'S UP! is a New York City-based not-for-profit direct-action environmental group that uses events and educational programs to promote a more sustainable, less toxic city..."
"...Every day, hundreds of people are finding easy ways to make meaningful, rewarding contributions to their communities through New York Cares, New York City's leading volunteer organization..."
"...One Brick brings volunteers together to support other non-profit organizations by adopting an innovative twist to the volunteer experience: we create a friendly and social atmosphere around volunteering, and after each volunteer event, we invite volunteers to gather at a local restaurant or cafe where they can get to know one another in a relaxed social setting..."

"...Just Food envisions a strong regional food system -- incorporating a diversity of rural farms and a robust urban farming component -- that preserves ecosystems, reduces pollution, promotes social justice, provides education about the environment, and invigorates rural and urban economies..."
"...Hundreds of New Yorkers volunteer to keep Central Park in tip-top shape. Contribute a few hours, once a week or more. Lead tours, rake leaves, greet visitors from the around the world, or help out with special events. You’re sure to have a great time while helping the Central Park Conservancy fulfill its mission to restore, manage, and preserve Central Park..."
"...Volunteers are the heart of Habitat for Humanity – New York City. More than 10,000 people volunteer with us each year. Habitat–NYC brings together individuals and groups from faith institutions, corporations, educational, and community groups to work to ensure that all New Yorkers have a decent, affordable home..."
"...On Your Feet Project is a national nonprofit organization engaging people in community service and activism by educating them about diverse nonprofit organizations and creating opportunities for direct community involvement. Our audience includes young professionals, college and graduate students, and other young members of the community..."